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Special Announcement
Dane County Comprehensive Plan Update:

On April 19th 2013 Dane County Board Chair John Hendrick appointed a new Steering Committee for the amendment process to the Dane County Comprehensive Plan.

The process for review of the Dane County Comprehensive Plan will begin soon, meeting announcements and other news and events will be posted here on regular basis.

Any questions or comments can be sent to DanePlan@countyofdane.com.

WebpageMinutes and Agendas Page
PDF DocumentAppointments to the Dane County Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

Implementation Matrices
Draft documents for your review, please submit any comments below.
PDF Document Transportation Matrix
PDF Document Utilities and Community Facilities Matrix
PDF Document Land Use Matrix
PDF Document Housing Matrix
PDF Document Economic Development Matrix
PDF Document Ag, Cultural and Natural Resources Matrix

What is the Dane County Comprehensive Plan?

In 2001, Dane County, in concert with 14 communities, applied for and received a grant from the Wisconsin Comprehensive Grant Program. We received the transportation funding in May of 2002 and the Comprehensive Planning funding in January of 2003. Dane County will also be acting as a grant administrator for the other 14 communities.

By accepting this funding, the Dane County Board has agreed to complete and adopt a comprehensive plan, as defined in WI state statutes, by May of 2006. To support this effort and provide guidance and leadership to staff, the DCCP Steering Committee was formed.

These web pages are being design to provide as much relevant information on the DCCP and its process as possible. If any of your questions are not answered here, feel free to contact Dane County Planning and Development. (The information is listed at the bottom of every page)

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