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Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan
The Dane County Department of Emergency Management is working on a natural hazard mitigation plan that relates to some of the work of the Dane County Comprehensive Plan. A draft version of the plan has been completed and is on the Emergency Management website.

Work Groups
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Agricultural, Natural
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Comprehensive Plan Work Groups

The Wisconsin grant deadline for this project currently stands at May of 2006. In order to complete this project on time, we have to roll up our sleeves and work together. Three work groups have been created to break down the completion of this comprehensive and seemingly unwieldy project into relatively more manageable components. The essence of each work group will be to

  1. ensure that the project is completed in a timely fashion
  2. provide a medium for consensus building
  3. generate the tangible work products needed to complete the plan

Consensus building will be the projectís key to success.

The three work groups are:

Each work group covers a lot of information, a multitude of planning elements and issues. Therefore, each work group will have the option to be further divided into topical sub-work groups.

For example, the Transportation, Utilities, and Community Facilities work group could be further broken into three sub-groups based on the three primary comprehensive plan element topics represented by the group: Transportation; Utilities; and Community Facilities. (Or two groups based on the Wisconsin planning elements themselves.) 
The sub-groups could be given action items to accomplish by the Work Group, which they would then do before the next work group meeting. Each of the three sub-groups might then regularly report to the approximate work group.

Each working group will consist of three types of members: Resource Members, Advisory Members, and Appointed Members.

Resource Members: (Unlimited)
These members are primarily staff from Dane County and other governmental agencies and service providers (e.g. advocacy groups and the University of Wisconsin) that have some key topical knowledge that may help each working group gather or analyze information.

Advisory Members: (Unlimited)
This group consists of any person residing inside Dane County who has the willingness and desire to help mold and shape the future of Dane County. We need your involvement and localized knowledge to power this planning effort.

Appointed Members: (11 members)
The Chair of the Zoning and Natural Resources Committee and the Chair of the Strategic Growth Management Committee have appointed certain members. These members are necessary to form a sub-committee to the Dane County Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, a special committee to the County Board. Their responsibility is to handle the formal meeting requirements (open meetings law, quorum requirements, etc.) and represent other aspects of Dane County that will be covered in the Dane County Comprehensive Plan. These people will constitute the formal voting membership of the work group.

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