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Housing and Economic Development Work Group

Special Announcement
Survey Results:
As part of the public participation effort, the Steering Committee and the work groups worked with a consultant to create a citizen survey. That survey has now been completed. On July 20th, 2005 a representative from Chamberlain Research Consultants presented the final results of the survey to these groups. The survey represents 500 additional citizen voices from Dane County in this project.

Upcoming Meetings
The next meeting for Housing and Economic Development Work Group will take place on Thursday, August 3rd, 5:30 - 9:00 pm at location to be announced.
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This work groupís responsibilities include completing both the (1) Housing and (2) Economic Development Elements, which involves:

Gathering a compilation of objectives, policies, goals, maps, and programs of Dane County to provide an adequate housing supply that meets existing and forecasted housing demand in the local governmental unit Dane County. An assessment of housing stock and identification of policies and programs that: promote housing development, a range of housing choices, promote availability of land for affordable housing, and maintain/rehabilitate Dane Countyís existing housing stock.

A compilation of objectives, policies, goals, maps, and programs to promote the stabilization, retention or expansion, of the economic base and quality employment opportunities in Dane County. Provide an analysis of both labor force and economic base. Identify and incorporate applicable state and regional plans related to housing and economic development.

Staff Lead
Olivia O. Parry (608)261-9957
Appointed Members
Eileen Bruskewitz,
Steering Committee Member
and County Board Supervisor

Don Eggert,
County Board Supervisor
Kyle Richmond,
County Board Supervisor
Elaine DeSmidt,
County Board Supervisor

Jim Cavanaugh, citizen
Fred McGee, citizen
Marianne Morton, citizen
Patrick OíConnor, citizen
Jushca Robinson, citizen
Emanuel Scarbrough, citizen
Constance Threinen, citizen
Advisory Members
Echnaton Vedder,
County Board Supervisor
Vern Wendt,
County Board Supervisor

Crystel Anders, citizen
Deb Archer, citizen
Kathie Bahman, citizen
Michael Carlson, citizen
Ken Dahl, citizen
Bruce Dickie, citizen
Claire Draeger, citizen
Jay Ferm, citizen
Armand Ganer, citizen
Larry Gleasman, citizen
Kris Hampton, citizen
Beth Harper, citizen
Greg Iaccarino, citizen
Nancy Jensen, citizen
Paul Kachelmeier, citizen
Mary Karlsson, citizen
Tory Keyzer, citizen
Carol Kiemel, citizen
Brenda Konkel, citizen
Jack Martz, citizen
Jim Mohrbacher, citizen
Melissa Mulliken, citizen
Delora Newton, citizen
Dale Nordeen, citizen
Nick Novak, citizen
Judy Olson, citizen
Alden Peterson, citizen
Josie Pradella, citizen
Ron Richardson, citizen
Anne Rittman, citizen
Greg Rosenberg, citizen
Sharon Royston, citizen
Alex Saloutos, citizen
Erica Sanders, citizen
Richard Schneider, citizen
Pat Schnieder, citizen
Caryl Terrell, citizen
Charles Thimmesch, citizen
Constance Threinen, citizen
William Warlick, citizen
Caroline Werner, citizen
Phyllis Wilhelm, citizen
Kristen Zehner, citizen
Eric Zweber, citizen

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