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Agriculture, Natural and Cultural Resources Work Group

Special Announcement
Survey Results:
As part of the public participation effort, the Steering Committee and the work groups worked with a consultant to create a citizen survey. That survey has now been completed. On July 20th, 2005 a representative from Chamberlain Research Consultants presented the final results of the survey to these groups. The survey represents 500 additional citizen voices from Dane County in this project.

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Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources

Gathering a compilation of objectives, policies, goals, maps, and programs for the conservation and promotion of the effective management of natural resources such as:

  • groundwater
  • forests
  • productive agriculture areas
  • environmentally sensitive areas
  • Threatened or endangered species
  • stream corridors
  • surface water
  • floodplains
  • wetlands
  • wildlife habitat
  • metallic/non-metallic mineral resources
  • parks and open space
  • historic and cultural resources
  • community design
  • recreational resources
  • other resources

Staff Lead
Brian Standing (608)267-4115
Appointed Members
Jerry Bradley,
Steering Committee Member
Al Matano,
County Board Supervisor
Jerry Jensen,
County Board Supervisor
Shary Bisgard, citizen
Bill Buglass, citizen
Dick Doerfer, citizen
Dawn Haag, citizen
Tim Heggland, citizen
David Perkins, citizen
Bob Uphoff, citizen
Gary Werner, citizen
Advisory Members
John Hendrick,
County Board Supervisor
Bill Hitzemann,
County Board Supervisor
Jack Martz,
County Board Supervisor
Echnaton Vedder,
County Board Supervisor
Vern Wendt,
County Board Supervisor

Russ Anderson, citizen
Mike Bakken, citizen
Jon Becker, citizen
Thomas Bernthal, citizen
Bob Bingen, citizen
Virginia Bormann, citizen
Bob Bowman, citizen
Michael Byrne, citizen
Denny Caneff, citizen
Patrick Cheney, citizen
Cynthia Coffin, citizen
Richard Eggleston, citizen
Michael Engleson, citizen
Barbara Feeney, citizen
Frank Fetter, citizen
Michael Forster Rothbart, citizen
Richard Hammersley, citizen
Paul Helgeson, citizen
Greg Iaccarino, citizen
Pam Jahnke Welch, citizen
Paul Kachelmeier, citizen
Bill Keen, citizen
Lloyd Klahn, citizen
Andrew Kraiss, citizen
Patricia Krall, citizen
Dan LaFleur, citizen
Frankie Locke, citizen
Robert Lovely, citizen
Peter McKeever, citizen
Douglas Miskowiak, citizen
Dave O'Malley, citizen
Alden Peterson, citizen
Vera Riley, citizen
Donald Ripp, citizen
Phil Salkin, citizen
Dale Secher, citizen
Diane Shaw, citizen
Michael Simons, citizen
Eugene Skaar, citizen
Jeff Strobel, citizen
Kate Strom-Hiorns, citizen
Caryl Terrell, citizen
Charles Thimmesch, citizen
Caroline Werner, citizen
Diane Wiedenbeck, citizen
Kate Wipperman, citizen

Have any questions?
Dane County Department of Planning & Development
210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Rm 116
Madison WI 53703-3342
Curt Kodl 608-266-4183